Mustang update #29 - rear battery box and front motor mount

With a socket finally wired up in my garage for my welder, I’m getting stuck into making up the rear battery box. I’m making a frame out of 3mm x 30mm right angle steel. I then plan to line it with 1.

Mustang update #28 - motor mount design

Doing a few sketches to see how I might mount the front part of my motor in the engine bay. At first I thought I might just put a 50mm x 50mm piece of box across the front and mount it to the frame rail on either side.

Mustang update #27 - Rear battery box CAD

I did a little CAD (cardboard aided design) this evening. The first version was a bit too big and wouldn’t fit into the old fuel tank area. After trimming about 10mm off the width and 10mm off the length it would just about squeeze in.

Mustang update #26 - Checking the CVT fit in the transmission tunnel

First fit of motor in transmission tunnel. Did a first fit of the motor in the transmission tunnel this evening. It fits better than I expected to be honest. Not perfect, but not terrible. The oil pan will stick out a bit below the frame rails, but not by much, maybe 30mm or so.

Mustang update #25 - throttle control of MG2

I popped a fresh 9V into my multimeter and it’s back in action! This allowed me to go through the process of figuring out the wiring of my BMW e61 pedal. There are 6 connections in total. According to the wiring diagram, the pedal has two sensors in it.

Mustang update #24 - syncofs tuning and CAD

Today was syncofs tuning day. I was able to dial it in suspiciously quickly. Unfortunately, I managed to leave my multimeter turned on for the past few days so the battery ran flat. This meant I couldn’t figure out the wiring of the BMW e60 throttle pedal I’m planning to use.

Mustang update #23 - It lives!

I figured out why I couldn’t get the motor to spin smoothly - the 3-phase cables were connected backwards. d’oh. Correct 3-phase connections order. Here it is in all its glory. I’m just spinning it by manually passing in a specific current (manualid).

Mustang update #22 - continuing resolver woes

I’m still trying to work out the correct settings to get my MG2 spinning smoothly. I got a little more help from the OpenInverter folks and it looks like 4 is the correct setting for polepairs and 2 for respolepairs. I’m still not able to get the motor spinning properly though.

Mustang update #21 - yet more resolver/polepairs/respolepairs debugging

I’m still working on getting my resolver wiring and my polepairs/repolepairs settings right. I got a little help from the OpenInverter community. It seems that it the ‘angle’ value tracked by the OpenInverter board is the resolver angle. This ‘electrical’ angle is not the same as the actual rotor angle.

Mustang update #20 - more resolver wiring debugging

Still trying to figure out what the right polepairs/resolverpairs settings are for this motor. I went back to check each of the four possible resolver wiring combinations to verify the weird behavior I was seeing last time. Wiring order : green, green/white, orange, orange/white