65 EV Mustang

65 EV Mustang #

This page is an overview of my project to restore a 1965 Ford Mustang and convert it to an electric car. This is a work in progress. I’ll update this page as the project progresses.

Project Goals #

  • End up with practical everyday car
  • 100km+ range on a single charge
  • Charge at public chargers, including DC fast charging
  • Car should retain the same ‘feel’ (e.g., no screens)
  • All open hardware and software
  • Recycle OEM parts from crashed cars

As well as posting here I’ll also be posting in my build thread on the openinverter forum.

Video last updated : 11th June 2024

Below you’ll find the specifications the car will have when complete.

Battery packTwo 9kWh BMW PHEV battery packs connected in parallel
MotorLexus gs300h transmission. Makes at least 105kw (140HP). Input shaft locked so MG1 and MG2 can both create traction.
InverterPrius Gen3 inverter/converter running dual motor board from EVBMW.
Battery management systemCustom hardware and software
AC charging capabilitySingle phase 3.3kw or three phase 10kw using Tesla Gen2 charger.
CCS DC charging capabilityCCS DC fast charging up to 50kw using BMW LIM and custom control hardware/software
Chademo DC charging capabilityCharging up to 50kw using custom hardware/software
Cabin heaterBMW i3 water heater (maybe)
Power steeringiBooster?