Update #25 - throttle control of MG2

Update #25 - throttle control of MG2 #


I popped a fresh 9V into my multimeter and it’s back in action! This allowed me to go through the process of figuring out the wiring of my BMW e61 pedal. There are 6 connections in total. According to the wiring diagram, the pedal has two sensors in it. Each sensor takes a 5V, a ground, and has a single output signal. I tried a few combinations of applying the 5V + ground and then probed around with the pedal in different positions to find the correct signal. I found the right combination which gave me close to 0V with the pedal fully ‘out’ and close to 5V with the pedal fully ‘in’.

With the pedal properly wired up to the inverter, I tried putting the inverter into normal run mode and pressing the pedal … anddd …. nothing. Just buzzing and a little shudder.

As I suspected previously I probably had the wrong value for syncofs. So, I started over finding this value. This time I went especially slowly and stepped through small increments when changing syncofs. When I thought I had found that it was around 22k, I went up to around 26k and came back down to try and ensure I was zeroing in in the right spot.

With a value of 22k I tried again in normal run mode and …


For now that’s just MG2 spinning. I have spun both MG2 and MG1 in manual mode. I just need to tune in the correct syncofs for MG1 and both motors will then be spinning the output shaft.