Update #27 - Rear battery box CAD

Update #27 - Rear battery box CAD #


I did a little CAD (cardboard aided design) this evening. The first version was a bit too big and wouldn’t fit into the old fuel tank area.

After trimming about 10mm off the width and 10mm off the length it would just about squeeze in. This is why mocking up this stuff before you make the final version is such a good idea.

Also, the real version will have a lip running all around, not just on the left and right.

You can see that originally there was a step down in the boot where the top of the fuel tank was. I may make the lid of the battery box sit flush with the higher part of the boot floor. This will give me a bit more space above the batteries to fit other bits and pieces. E.g. the BMW LIM module which I plan to use for DC fast charging. I can also conceal the exit for the battery cables under the lid as they head toward the high-voltage junction box in the front. I think I’ll also put a contactor in the rear battery box to split the pack in two when the car is off for added safety.

Testing the actual fit of the battery modules. There is a little extra room to manoeuvre. The little black boxes are the battery management system. I’ll re-arrange them so they all sit on the top of the modules.