Update #4

Update 4 #


Removing the dash-pad. I don’t know what these little end pieces of the piping for the interior air are made of but they basically disintegrated and turned to dust as soon as I touched them. Also the dash-pad was glued down in a few spots which made it tricky to remove. Luckily the old one was already split so I wasn’t planning to try and keep it.

All of the carpet is out now. There were some noise-deadening mats under the carpet, but they were rotten so they’ll have to go. Some pretty bad rust in the right hand floor pan. There is at least one spot that has a pinhole all the way through. Will need to clean off the rust to get a better look.

Interior has been removed completely now including the headliner.

Tail lights, rear bumper and the rear valance (almost) off.