Update #7

Update 7 #

The objective today was to pull the engine out.

Before I could do that though, I needed to disconnect the drive-shaft from the engine. After a bit of head scratching and some searching around online, I discovered that the drive-shaft needs to be disconnected from the differential at the back first. It then slips off a spline on the transmission and can be removed completely. Easy when you know how.

Next, I put the front of the car up on axle stands and unbolted the transmission from the underside. I managed to think ahead a bit and put a jack under the transmission. This way it didn’t just fall down when unbolted and I could lower or raise it as I needed. I knew transmission fluid was going to leak out, but somehow still managed to forget. I lowered the transmission a bit to get at the cooling lines and, of course, spilled transmission fluid everywhere.

OK, time to pull the engine out. Looped some straps around the engine and hooked them on the crane.

Hmm, the fan keeps crashing into the front of the body. There doesn’t seem to be enough space to pull the engine out with the fan still attached. Lower it back down, remove the fan, try again.

The engine bay is now looking very empty.