Charging #

The car will implement:

  • Type 2 AC charging. Single phase at 3.3kw, three phase at 10kw.
  • CCS DC fast charging at 50kw.
  • CHAdeMO DC fast charging at 50kw.

Charge Ports #

The car will have two charge ports. The tail lights will be doors and the charge ports will sit behind them.

AC Charging #

I’ll use a Tesla Gen 2 charger for on board charger for AC charging. I have the modboard from EVBMW. The OBC will likely go in the ‘fuel tank’ area where I was originally planning to put the batteries.


I’m creating a custom CHAdeMO controller. The hardware was designed in KiCAD. You can view the project files here. The code is over here.


There are two possible approaches.

  1. Use the BMW i3 LIM module + a custom controller.
  2. Use the foccci project.